Traveling is the best use you can make of your time and they say that nothing teaches you like traveling does. Whether it is some grand history behind a street that made it popular or a noteworthy event, culture wise, American streets have tons of stories to fill the hearts of travelers.

Walk on these infamous historic streets of America along with your travel partner, The Road channel App, and listen to some intriguing stories behind them!

Acorn Street, Boston

Infamously known as one of the most photographed streets in the city, the aesthetic appeal of Acorn Street is not new, it is historic. Home to artisans and tradesmen in 19th century, the whole vibe of the place is still retro and reeks of Greek Revival & Victorian Architecture. Being one of the rarest original cobblestone streets, this street is nothing less than a historic treasure. Have a historic experience while on your trip by listening to more of such stories visit The Road Channel website or download our App.

Acorn Street in Boston

Wall Street, New York

Remember Wall Street from the popular movie ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’? Well, the history behind this street is as intriguing as the movie itself! Worldwide known as the core of New York City’s Financial District, Wall Street derives its name from an actual wall built back when New York was a Dutch Colony back in 17th century and therefore, was known as New Amsterdam. To expand your horizons more as you travel on these famous streets, download The Road Channel App, your personal story teller app and ride through history!

Wall Street in New York city

Bourbon Street, New Orleans

While we are discussing famous streets, next in line is Bourbon Street in the heart of New Orleans’s own French Quarter. The origin of this historic street is in the 18thcentury and it owes the credit of its name to the engineer who named the street after France’s ruling family, The House of Bourbon, hence the name, Bourbon Street. Interesting, isn’t it?

Bourbon Street in New Orleans

Elfreth’s Alley, Philadelphia

A National Historic Landmark, Elfreth Alley is one of the must visit streets in the city of Philadelphia. The alley, initially, was filled with a diverse group of residents like tradesmen and their families, glassblowers, silver smiths, furniture builders and shipwrights. Interestingly, the alley derives its name from a blacksmith and property owner called Jeremiah Elfreth, back in 18th– century. But by the beginning of 19th Century, the alley came to be very Irish inclined. Today, the alley is an infamous tourist attraction, still, somehow, preserving its history despite the urbanization. 

Elfreth's Alley in Philadelphia

Castro Street, San Francisco

The last on our list of famous streets is Castro Street in San Francisco. The story behind this street and its popularity is as interesting as it gets. We know of this street as the epitome of the LGBTQ Community, its legendary Castro Street Fair and annual Pride Festival and Parade but how it came together is a rather interesting historical fact! Factually, until mid 20th Century, Castro was an Irish neighborhood. It was post World War II that a number of soldiers came to this city, formed homosexual relationships, and stayed there. Followed by tons of social and historical events, San Francisco came to be known as a ‘Gay Mecca’ owing to the rich history of Castro Street!

Castro Street in San Francisco

Stories like these beef up the whole experience, don’t they? So don’t forget to tune in to The Road Channel App, the best travel app and your personal story teller!