Greetings, folks! The Road Channel welcomes you to the onset of spring! With that being said, we have another reason to exchange greetings! The Road Channel, serving you with the most intriguing audio stories, is now free of cost! At one click, you can now have access to all the stories that were available to you at $4.99, previously. Visit our website today to gain more insight on us and download our app for unlimited audio stories about the places you travel to! 

Without further ado, let’s bring to light why The Road Channel App can serve as the perfect travel partner for you! 

Binding stories, people and places 

The Road Channel App is a travel channel that is dedicated towards binding people, stories and places. We bring to you, well made audio stories about a place, when you cross it. The best part about these audio stories is you can choose the kind of stories that you wish to hear. 

While some of you history junkies might want to hear all about what the place you are traveling to has been holding since time immemorial, there are also stories for people who find themselves curious about events currently occurring at your apparent location. Talk about being in the right place at the right time, huh?

Coming back to you history junkies, we also have the option of selecting the kind of historical stories you want to hear considering we have plenty of options in the category of historical news, only!     

If your inner Sheldon Cooper hasn’t come out yet, it is sure to come out right about when you start using The Road Channel App! 

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Plan your trip better

Imagine waking  up one morning and deciding you wish to be spontaneous. Now if your backpack is anywhere near you and you feel your adrenaline juices running at the thought of taking a random trip, then we completely feel you! 

Let us add something fun and informative to this spontaneity, shall we?  When you find yourself wanting to fulfill a random hunch aforementioned, wouldn’t it be completely thrilling if you tune in to the audio stories from The Road Channel App and explore the place better? Imagine the amount of sites or events you perhaps had no idea about, before you listened to them on the Road Channel? Now how about enriching your travel experience by getting to know some of the most eccentric, engaging, insightful and informative stories about the lands you are walking on? Amazing,  isn’t it? That’s how you plan better and travel better with The Road Channel! 

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Because learning is fun

Let us try to put this as simply as we can, LEARNING IS FUN. Duh! Whether you as a person  are a Philomath or your companion is one, wondering what stories and secrets those buildings you come across or the very roads you are driving on, is very understandable. Shall we take the liberty to say that the wondering ends here? Because your trip is about to get INSPIRED. All you need to do is select the kind of story you wish to hear and you will find abundance in categories and abundance in audio stories!

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We are affirmative that you have a good grasp of how The Road Channel App intends to serve you as the best travel partner you can get!  As the saying goes, the best things in life come free of cost!