We all took road trips as children at some point with our families,  and we suppose everyone can give us a high five when we say that those trips have impacted us in so many ways! Those trips have inspired so many of us to be travelers, historians, writers, and as a whole, have made us curious human beings. 

Now imagine how cool it would be to pass on that legacy to the younger generation, to pass on stories that help them understand the roots of the nation they come from and make them want to be backpackers, historians, explorers and what not! 

We have compiled for you some pointers on how traveling can help children expand their horizons, and many ways in which that experience can be enriched! 

Understanding Cultures 

As you grow up and start experiencing the taste of the real world, you get the chance to acquaint yourself with people of different states and they bring with them, a whole other side of your own country. When children get to travel to different places, their young minds understand different cultures as if they are introduced to a new world! For instance, while traveling to New Orleans, you can, very evidently, experience the impact of French culture when visiting French Quarter! 

Now imagine learning the story behind this influence, how it got to be known as we know it today, and all other interesting facts about the place! That’s where The Road Channel App comes in! The audio stories provided by The Road Channel are full of rich history that leaves you in awe. Visiting different places while listening to stories behind them could be like a time travel experience for you and your child! The amount of geographical and cultural interest it could manifest in the minds of young children could very literally be taking them to places! 

American culture

Birth of Curiosity 

Let’s just all admit this once and for all, young minds are always jumping with curiosity! They literally never get tired of asking questions and wondering about the queerest of things! When kids are exposed to new lands, the curiosity to know more, rises very naturally. Curious children grow into curious adults who have a sense of adventure in them, are definitely more flexible and adaptable than the ones who never come out of their shells, and don’t we all know how absolutely wholesome and amazing it is to come out of our shells and experience life as it is meant to be? 

American Landmarks

The More You Learn, The More You Grow 

Have you ever heard of the term ‘Tabula Rasa’ ? Let us take the opportunity to acquaint you with this term if you are new to it! John Locke, a very influential 17th century philosopher described the mind as ‘Tabula Rasa’ , meaning a blank slate, which we fill with our experiences. Beautiful, isn’t it? It is true that experiences make lifelong impacts on our life. When you travel, your experience is one of enjoyment and of learning.

 When traveling with your children, use the opportunity to discuss with your child the importance of a landmark when you cross one. Who knows in what ways the experience might impact your child! If this seems like something you would love to do, The Road Channel App, your personal Infotainment Channel, provides you with the most intriguing audios stories acquainting you with history behind significant buildings, sights and roadside markers when you cross them! 

Landmarks in America

Despite all the hardships that might come while traveling with children, the good parts definitely outweigh the hard ones!  There is nothing that adds the sense of adaptability, adventure, curiosity and understanding of different cultures like taking trips does! Make this experience a wholesome one with your travel partner, the Road channel App and carry your personal story teller in your pockets! 

Oh and a pro tip- Don’t forget to pack buckets of snacks and a bag of warm blankets while traveling with your kids! 😛 Happy Traveling!