Driving through the highway with a companion is anyone’s dream ride.

And everyone has a story to tell when it comes to people, places and locations, and that is where the Road Channel comes in.

With its talented group of travel story writers, you can hear the trials and tribulations of the authors who traveled the same roads that you have or are about to travel. What’s even better is that once you have downloaded the Road Channel Traveling App, you can save the road trip stories and listen to them later.

Bringing more life into your journey:

It makes your travel way better and the journey livelier. Whether it’s the roadways, bi-ways, interstates or highways, traveling Stories always add the fuel of imagination to a wonderful ride.

Woman sitting with a map in the middle of the road with attache and globe

Thanks to The Road Channel app, you can listen to those stories that relate to the places you plan to visit. It could be you taking your family to Washington DC, or planning a romantic weekend in the Great Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee, we cover it all.

When you sign up for the Road Channel Traveling App you will be exposed to Highway Traveling Stories that will help you get where you want to go. The Road Channel Traveling App even has interesting games that kids can play.

Walking through history in a new way:

Native American warrior bronze statue in motion

You finally have something new when it comes to road traveling entertainment thanks to the original stories that appear when you arrive to the place where history happened. With the Road Channel Traveling App and Highway Traveling Stories, you can even listen to what those historical markers on the side of the road have to say. Thanks to the awesome Road Channel library, your content is continuously updated based on your location.

Entertaining all the way:

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The Road Channel is truly a great Road Traveling App that will keep you entertained without interrupting anything else on your mobile device. In fact, when you listen to Highway Traveling Stories on the Road Channel, your GPS will keep working as it normally does while your Road Traveling App gives you interesting titbits that everyone will enjoy.

Non-problematic with GPS:

When you use the Road Channel Traveling App with Highway Traveling Stories, you will no longer have to depend on a search engine when you have a question about a particular location. The Road Channel Traveling App with Highway Traveling Stories tells you everything that you have ever wanted to know about the area that you are driving through at the moment, and much more.

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Available on both IOS and Android platforms, the Road Channel Traveling App with Highway Traveling Stories really is the way of the future.

Download your best road trip app companion today.