Thanksgiving has knocked on our door. And it is that time of the year which
brings everyone together in the family. With an abundance of Turkey recipes and festivities all over, Thanksgiving is a perfect opportunity to spend some quality family time.

Plus you can plan a lot of things that can make your Thanksgiving even better.
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Brownie points, you can get a chance to explore real cool things you might
not know about Thanksgiving.

Travel through interesting history:

In the 1600s, communities of settlers in Virginia and Massachussett feasted together for the first time. And the Pilgrims in Plimoth feasted with the
Wampanoag people for 3 days. This marked the beginning of an official feast to be held annually. Prior to that, it was celebrated for a good
harvest by the Natives.
In 1789, President Washington issued a proclamation stating 26
November be treated as ‘Day of Public Thanksgiving’. It was a way of paying tribute to the newly formed independent States of America. No such communal thing formed the background of this event. Nor was the particular weekday chosen for it.

**Enter Sara Josepha Hale (of Mary had a little lamb fame). She got this day approved by President Lincoln for Thanksgiving Day in 1863 (the fourth Thursday of November) through repeated letters.

President Roosevelt tried to shift the occasion to the third Thursday of
November in 1939. But it did not gain popularity and no such attempt was ever made again.
Since 1941, this day is being celebrated on the fourth Thursday of
November every year. You would be surprised to know that this actually gave birth to the Black Friday Sale concept as well.
So, technically Thanksgiving is nearly 250 years old. Amazing, isn’t it?

Where did Turkey get into the scene?

You might not know but there are two probable folklore for having Turkey
on Thanksgiving.
The first one goes like- Henry Clay Hooker (a wealthy rancher) herded
500 Turkeys into the Sierra Nevada Range. This was a herculean task to do. But it’s said that he actually did it and this brought back his lost fortune.
This is quite a thing when you witness the area of that mountain region.
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The second one is more like imagination catching fire and spreading wildly. William Bradford who wrote in his journal on the Pilgrim’s Feast in the
1700s ignited the idea of Thanksgiving to a great extent. And when it resurfaced (after the Boston siege got over) in 1850, people got excited over the idea of early colonists hunting Turkeys.
And the idea spread like wildfire. Thus the concept of having Turkeys on
Thanksgiving came into being.

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**Another folklore for you: If Turkeys start perching on trees and refuse to descend it means there is going to snow. Whether you are visiting your family or taking them on a drive, you can hear everything and more like this on the go.

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