Howdy partners, welcome to the humble abode of your travel assistants, we will guide your adventures through our beautiful country, covering different terrains and wandering through our bustling states, stepping in the desserts stretching from the golden state to the home of the cowboys (Texas),scaling the mountains unfolding from Colorado to the big sky country (Montana), walking on the sandy beaches of Miami and, dipping our feet in the lakes of the great Mid-west

Over the coming weeks together we will explore the various great terrains of our country. We understand how important it is for RV travellers to adapt to the the different landscapes they’re travelling through so with us on our journey will be a professional mechanical engineer consulting you on how you should make small adaptable changes to your Vehicle to maintain living in comfort, along with a checklist containing essentials you won’t want to forget. 


What’s better than getting a little California sun, or trying your hand at craps in the desert oasis of Nevada or even seeing a live rodeo in Texas, travel with us through our southern states while absorbing the local culture and history of every landscape you find fascinating. 

Deserts In America 



Get a whiff of the cold mountain air as you and your home on wheels travel through the snow covered peaks of Colorado, spend a leisurely weekend in aspen or hike around mount Albert, we will be right at your disposal making accessible the information you find relevant. 

Mountains of America


Let your hair loose in one of the many beautiful beaches on the eastern seaboard but why not spend a few nights in the “Big Easy” (New Orleans), explore the vibrant culture of the city and then head down to Miami for  a fun filled and easy weekend, discover the historical landscape of Florida through us while keeping your eyes on the road. 

Beaches in New Orleans


Let’s head closer to our northern neighbour, to the abode of the biggest nascar race, The Indy 500, so cheer for your favourite driver and at the same time learn about the history of the exciting sport.

Nascar Race

So take The Road Channel App with you on this journey to give you all the information you need, professionally curated by our dexterous and caring team. Get the historic information about any landscape through audio stories, so travelers like you can drive uninterrupted, while keeping your eyes on the road and truly enjoying the scenic beauty of the greatest country on earth.