Tired of the cold isolation? Why not grab a cold one instead and take your home on wheels to bask in the sunny warmth of America’s sandy states. Your personal infotainment assistant – The Road Channel brings you the guide you need for the road trip of a lifetime.

Let’s start with a view at the beautiful places we shall be covering in the comforts of your home with an engine. We start out from the Great Basin Desert in the state of highs and lows, that is, the mountains and deserts alike. It’s the diverse state of Nevada. Home to the casinos of Vegas, Nevada is one of the most thinly populated states despite its size.

Great basin desert

As we take our leave from The Great Basin Desert, we enter the Mojave Desert and the state of….. We’ll give you a hint – It’s known as the place where dreams come true. You guessed it, it is the home to the Silicon Valley and Hollywood – The state of California

mojave desert

Within the confines of the state of California, we switch deserts to enter the Sonoran desert which will take us to the 48th state to be admitted to the union. It’s the home of The Grand Canyon, the state of Arizona. Be careful though, Sonoran WILL take you to Mexico if you’re not careful. So arm yourself with a good navigation app or you’ll be talking to the armed guys at the border.

sonoran desert

Next up, comes the Chihuahuan desert, which takes us into the state of New Mexico, and is named rather ironically. The chihuahuan desert shares its name with the smallest dog breed in the world. On the other hand, the desert is the largest in America. New Mexico has an interesting history. It traces its ownership rights to Spain when the area was claimed back in the 1500s. In 1821, it became a part of Mexico and was soon ceded to the United States in 1848 via the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo.

Chihuahuan desert,

The Chihuahuan Desert further brings you to the home of The Road Channel, Texas. Texas shares its history with that of New Mexico. Interesting fact about Texas – It was a republic for about 9 years, after its independence in 1836 and before becoming a part of the union in 1845.

These deserts have a lot to tell. They have a lot to see. Their spirit doesn’t allow you to read the stories they have to tell the old fashioned way – Read from your phone and miss out on the scenery. Your personal infotainment channel, The Road Channel is your best road trip app. It offers you the history of moving landscapes around you, with millions of audio stories in its library.

As we at Road Channel say, “Read the scenery, not the story”