Every country, state, city and community has its own unique bouquet of stories about a diversity of things such as its origin stories, culture, practices, festivals, and so much more. America is sitting on so many fascinating stories and so many fascinating communities. One such instance is Taos Pueblo, located two miles north of the city of Taos, in the state of New Mexico. 

Not as worldly popular as other communities one might discover in the U.S.A, but Taos Pueblo is definitely worth exploring for a lot of reasons- the historically rich background and a distinguished culture being two of them! The Road Channel, your personal travel partner, with its ever-blooming love for exploration is bringing you some fascinating facts and anecdotes behind this community. For all the History and Art Buffs out there, here are a few reasons to fall in love with this place! 

A Peculiar Historic Background :

There is no denying that Taos Pueblo has one of the most fascinating and captivating backgrounds in the communities sprawled across America.  The city is known to be built somewhat 1000 years back. Recognized as one of the longest continually inhabited communities in the United States, research has found out that the inhabitation of the Taos Valley goes back to  3,000 B.C.  No history buff can possibly resist reconnoitring this lesser known, yet beguiling community. 

Taos Pueblo History

A Distinguished Architecture

Taos Pueblo has quite a unique architecture, and to learn how it came to be is yet another interesting story. The place is architectured entirely of adobe, which is dirt mixed with water and straw. Definitely not something you get to see everyday but, in the beginning, the entry to the houses used to be from holes in the ceiling. The houses were built side-by-side in multiple layers, and the natives would use a ladder for access. Then enter the Spanish explorers who introduced doors amidst the community- the doors that are still used today. Besides this, the San Geronimo Church, built  back in 1850, is a great example of mission architecture! 

Taos Pueblo Architecture

The Sacred Culture

To get to know about the culture of Taos Pueblo is nothing less than being transported to a whole different nation. No, totally not exaggerating but it does feel as if you were in a cinematic universe. Their culture speaks of the values they hold close to them and what makes their community stand out. The oral tradition within the community is unwritten and since plenty of what constitutes their tradition is considered sacred by the natives, it is pretty off-limits for non-tribals. The community celebrates exquisite Indian fiestas and ceremonial dances giving us a peek into its traditions. 

Taos Pueblo Culture

An Art Lover’s Paradise :

 Empathize with us for a minute here, any place with a distinguished history, architecture and culture is bound to attract the tribe of artists, isn’t it ? No wonder the writer D.H. Lawrence found an artistic abode here. The writer lived outside Taos from the year 1922–25, where he wrote his novel “The Plumed Serpent”. The place often brings artists and artisans on its doorstep mesmerizing them by everything it has to offer, the architecture, the peace, a distinguished vibe, and whatnot! 

Taos Pueblo

A world in its own, Taos Pueblo has a lot to say for those who wish to listen.   If you actually talk to the natives, you would return with souvenirs of deeply personal stories about their lives at the Pueblo, their culture and their ways. 

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