Arlington National Cemetery, Virginia:

The road to Arlington, Virginia has a lining of the largest number of graveyards. It is a great spectacle to watch. But did you know that it is also the final resting place of John. F. Kennedy and William Howard Taft.

Apart from being the national cemetery of US Officials, it makes place for 5000 burials each year. Since 1858, this place has served its purpose well. Racing through the course of history, this place has a special place in the heart of America.

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Connections to the Past:

The grave also has a connection to Mary Anna Lee (Granddaughter of George Washington) and Robert E Lee. It was built in the civil war era by both of them. Today it is managed by the department of the US army. And it also remains one of the most important monuments in US history.

Spread over 253 hectares, this entire premises is home to 400000 graves with long lines of wreaths decorating them. With The Road Channel, you don’t miss details as such.

Homage to Patriots:

This place also holds the remains of every serviceman who laid their lives for the nation. Whether it’s the American revolution or other such wars, Arlington became the last resting place of the all of soldiers since 1864. Every year small US flags are put by American soldiers in front of every tombstone in Arlington cemetery on Memorial Day.

Driving through this place fills you with mixed feelings of patriotism and a haunted atmosphere.

You can do a number of activities here- like touring the entire premises or attending a special event.

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