When you think of a road trip through America there’s one thing you cannot miss out even if you wanted to, So let’s head today to the copper state of America, The home of The Grand Canyon. Arizona has a lot to offer if you open your eyes and flip through the pages of its history that are embedded in its landscape. Did you know that Arizona has the largest Native American population out of all the other states? Arizona has more parks and national monuments than any other state, more mountains than Switzerland, and more golf courses than Scotland. So take this comprehensive guide brought to you by the History channel streaming app, The Road Channel,  the next time you’re driving through Arizona. 

We begin our journey with the city of Tucson, a small city full of museums and fun activities to do as you stock up for the journey ahead. The main highlight of our stay here is the Biosphere 2 just outside of the city. Originally constructed in the late 1980s, this University-of-Arizona-owned research facility houses miniature versions of rainforests, oceans, and other fascinating ecosystems… all under the same iconic, pane-glass greenhouse roof.

biosphere 2

After exploring the tidbits of the city head towards Phoenix which is only 2 hours away. Did you know phoenix is the fifth largest city in America when it comes to population size? Spend a few leisurely days here and explore the vibrant nightlife of the city. The city has everything to suit all your needs. Looking for a little sporting action? Head to Chase field to enjoy some baseball or take some time off and enjoy the vast parks of the city. 

chase feild

When you’re satisfied with your stay, get an early head start to the day and get ready to explore the rough side of arizona. Drive for about 4 hours from Phoenix to Grand Canyon National Park, The Grand Canyon is 227 miles long, 1 mile deep, and has an average width of 10 miles, while you’re driving towards the spectacular view, don’t let your hours go idle, and get relevant and fun information like this about the history geographical information about the landscape as you drive through it.

the grand canyon

Take all the pictures you can get but save some space for where we’re heading, you’ll get an equally spectacular view from a lesser known place. Grand Canyon National Park is certainly a sight to behold, but the Horseshoe bend does not lag behind — and just outside of the small town of Page, you can see this iconic sight. (Chances are it’s already graced a desktop background in your vicinity).

horseshoe bend

So the next time you’re driving through the wilderness of Arizona, keep this guide in mind, your eyes on the road, and your ears and mind occupied with the best road trip and travel app, The Road Channel App.