If you find yourself in a compulsive state of isolation, there is always a chance of turning it into a perfect opportunity of solitude, even exploration. How? Glad you asked! Travel in solitude!  As much as being around a community brings joy, exploring the wonders of mother Earth, in complete solitude is nothing less than a blessing! And If you find yourself in a job of service that includes driving around, this is the perfect chance for you to unravel the hidden knowledge of the world around you as you travel on the roads of America that are filled with stories! 

Travel in solitude and explore some of the most interesting, even unknown sites as you pass by them, by tuning in to the Road Channel app– the best road trip app in the market, with its millions of audio stories about the majestic history of America!  

Things You Probably Missed Out On 

Have you ever missed out on going full Christopher Columbus on a trip purely because you did not have enough time or a large crowd gathered at a site made you turn your vehicle around? Well, explore it NOW! There is no place you cross by that does not have a fact that is sure to blow your mind! Take that chance to be mind blown with The Road Channel

American Landscapes

Take a dose of history and explore some hidden gems with audio stories on The Road Channel App, your own travel partner! 

A New Highway Experience

There is no doubt in the fact that at times, diving solo is the best thing you do for yourself! How about adding some richness while you are at that? When things around you start to tense, connecting with history gives you a sense of security, belongingness and even provides a silent yet talkative company! Are we right? When in a situation of emergency travel or gone on the highway to clear your mind, roll down your windows as you let your personal infotainment roll. The Road Channel audio library is sure to enrich your otherwise plain Highway experience. Let history around you bring you a new sense of freshness and experience while traveling with The Road Channel!  

American Highways

It’s a Beautiful, Beautiful World 

Let’s face it. We run too fast and appreciate too little. Let less busy streets be a time you appreciate more. One of the best ways to appreciate something is to know it. Ever passed by the Golden Gate Bridge and wondered what has it been holding beneath its grandness? Or saw the skyline from a centuries old building and wondered who would have seen this skyline from this building for the first time ever?  Yes, yes, we understand, time did not allow much scope for appreciation in terms of knowledge, especially if you’re in the job of service such as traveling! Well, that’s where The Road Channel comes in!

American Landscapes

Shut the rest of the world down and appreciate more as you know more in the form of audio stories on The Road Channel, your personal Infotainment Channel!  

Isolation Into Exploration

As we have already said, amidst the worries of the world, let isolation turn into exploration. Did   you know that one of the most scenic gardens in Pennsylvania, Bartam’s Garden in Philadelphia is actually one of the oldest surviving gardens in North America, old enough to recognize itself as a historic place? While we are all about gardens, another friendly historical fact- Reeking of European landscapes, Middleton Place in South Carolina is actually America’s oldest landscaped garden! There’s so much we don’t know about the roots of nature around us, so start your isolated exploration with your travel partner and discover the sites and the streets around you in a new light!

Historic sites in America

Times are hard but one can beat isolation with exploration, getting familiar with who and what has contributed in the rich American history and why. So, rediscover America, The Road Channel style with its millions of audio stories, and viola- you have a travel partner in isolation!