A worrisome title but a picturesque scenery, that’s what you’re getting into with this perfect guide for travelling through Nevada’s vast deserts in your RV, brought to you by the perfect app for road trips, the road channel app. The Death Drive on the face of it sounds like an intimidating trek through the deserts alone but it’s nowhere near that. The Death Drive is actually a leisurely and adventurous ride through Nevada, exploring it’s landscapes and history. From gambling in glittering Vegas to enjoying indegineous wines, the death drive is the perfect road trip for RV travelers looking to explore our country.

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We begin our journey with Vegas, we don’t really need to specify the places you need to visit and the things you need to do, just tap into the vibe of this lively city and let it lead it to it’s beautiful hotels and thrilling casinos. When you’re satisfied with your stay get an early start on the day and move to red rock canyon national conservation area for a scenic drive and beautiful and historic treks. Once you’re done exploring, try holding your hunger pangs as you head to Spring mountain ranch state park which is an antique ranch refashioned into a visitors guide tour with a hearty restaurant for you to feast in.  Leave Spring Mountain Ranch State Park and continue onto Pahrump, a Southern Nevada town that’s an hour west of Vegas and an hour east of Death Valley. Pahrump is a hub for outdoor activities, most notably golf, hiking, and auto racing — but the wineries are what make it worth an overnight stay.

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Now let’s move on to the highlight of our trip, take a one hour drive to Death Valley National park to  take in the hills and ranges from Zabriskie Point where you can walk a short path uphill to a panoramic viewpoint overlooking the Furnace Creek Formation and explore the geography and history of this old mining belt. Moving on to Rhyolite Ghost Town. Rhyolite is a historic gold mining town surrounded by the Mojave Desert with empty buildings standing as a reminder of its thriving past. You’ll drive up a single dirt road, passing by structures that bustled with people in the early 1900s. After visiting the ghost town, head to Beatty for the night. Beatty is another mining town where you’ll get plenty of dining options for a perfect fun filled dinner the american way. 

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After two strenuous and adventurous days, take a day off with a wonderful picnic in the Nevada sun at spring mountains national recreation area, a section of the vast Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest that is also known locally as Mount Charleston. Check out the visitor’s center for  information and exhibits on the area’s topography and history. In the back of the building, the Silent Heroes of the Cold War National Memorial has a propeller from a plane that crashed on Charleston Peak in November 1955. There’s also the Seven Stones Plaza, built collectively by the seven Southern Paiute tribes, known as the Nuwuvi, who believe that Mount Charleston is their place of origin. If you need to spend the night, check out the Retreat on Charleston Peak. The resort evokes a lovely lodge feeling with the forest as its backdrop although from here it’s just a 20-minute drive back to Las Vegas.

Mount Charleston

So take your home on wheels through the desert of Nevada to explore the hidden nooks and crannies of this wondrous landscape. Keep your eyes on the scenery while The Road channel App, the best app for road trips, tells you everything you need to know about the history and the story of the area you’re passing through.