In the wake of online classes, here’s an interesting way to unfold history of America! Even at home, you can travel through time and explore, as well as anywhere else. Dig some fascinating stories about the place you are in, by tuning in to The Road Channel App, unraveling history with a profound library of audio stories!  

Learn The Origins 

Imagine learning about the origins of something narrated to you in a captivating story format, and listening to that story gives you nothing short of a time-traveling experience. Learning would gain a whole new perspective, wouldn’t it? Well, that’s how you trace origins with The Road Channel! Here’s a little snippet- Did you know that America’s most renowned monument, The Statue of Liberty was originally an Egyptian Peasant Woman? That’s right! A large chunk of  elementary school children know that it was actually designed and constructed in France rather than the U.S., but as far as the original concept for the Statue goes, it wasn’t really a woman in Roman robes, it was an Egyptian peasant! Interesting, isn’t it? Trace the origins of your hometown and learn so many lesser known facts in gripping audio stories on The Road Channel App, your personal infotainment channel!   

Statue of Liberty 

Connect With The Anecdotes 

We all have grown up hearing anecdotes about some popular and some lesser known sites around us and honestly, it has been a much more fun way to learn history, do we all agree? The audio stories on The Road Channel App is a cool effort to revive that fun way of learning through millions of historically rich audio stories in its library! Here’s an instance- Did you know that America’s oldest national park, Boston Common, was bought with its land rights by Puritan Colonists, with the price being 30 pounds and that each homeowner was required to pay six shillings?  If your attention was grabbed, go to The Road Channel App to treat yourself with some fascinating stories about the city you are living in! 

Boston Common

Past And Present 

Talking about anecdotes, what great stories have you heard about streets that are now some major tourist spots of America? We have a riveting one about French Quarter in New Orleans. Presently a hub of jazz clubs, local craft, colorful buildings and a vibrant nightlife, French Quarter is rightly quoted as the city’s “Historic Heart” ! Taking a stroll to the  past, by the 1850s, the French Quarter had fallen into ruins only to be revived by The Baroness Michaela Pontalba, daughter of the Spanish official Almonaster, indisputably, a courageous one! She personally looked after the construction of two apartment buildings flanking the main square, which are still standing strong and are the oldest apartment buildings in the United States! Connect the past and present of your city, by exploring it on The Road Channel App!  

French Quarter

New Orleans

History and Holidays 

Let’s face it, we have spent hours and hours on holidays hearing all about the stories of their origin, and let’s face it, some of us have awaited holidays for the sake of those stories and gripping anecdotes! While we’ve had our bunch of Thanksgiving stories and Christmas stories, America has more to give! How many of us know a worth-sharing anecdote behind Flag Day? Well, to learn about that, let’s take a virtual trip to Wisconsin! It was in 1895 that a grade school teacher in Waubeka, Wisconsin, Bernard J. Cigrand held the first recognized formal observance of Flag Day at the Stony Hill School!

Flag Day 

The Flag of the U.S.A

Finally found yourself a cool way to learn history? Tune in to The Road Channel, the best travel app in the market, for millions of audio stories on the rich history of America coupled with plenty of lesser known facts!